Soon I will be revealing the Economic Prosperity Act of 2019. Here are some of the highlights of a new economic system that will work for EVERYONE:

Put an end to poverty, homelessness, and hopelessness.

New Banking Reform

Creation of US Central Bank

Long term fix for Social Security

Community Support Centers

Equity Partnerships between Government and Business/Industry

Major reduction in crime

Major reduction in need for prisons

Drug rehab centers

New US dollar currency

Affordable home ownership

Low interest loans from US Central Bank

Low interest payday loans from US Central Bank

This act will generate massive job growth

This act will generate massive new business startups

New business startup mentorship opportunities

Adult education retraining opportunities

To learn more about the Hostetler Plan in the Economic Prosperity Act click highlighted text. Note: There are ten pages to this plan. Click on Full Page.


This country can change financial systems, political systems, and the very paradigm of capitalism almost overnight. It's one of the few countries who can, and the only one that is as big as the United States who can. So, what model are we going to present to the American people and the people of the world next? How about one that will work with more integrity and compassion when it comes to big money? That's what is needed. We need to create systems that will uplift people for them to take advantage of economic opportunities.

For more than 200 years, this country has operated in the same way with the same system. Oh, we keep changing the rules a little, but basically it has been the same and it was based upon greed. It was a system where, slowly, the wealthy became wealthier and the poor got poorer. Now, this is not a judgment, but just a fact. It worked in an old energy and it was still a good system, for even those in the middle had good lives, better than in other countries. But suddenly, we are seeing this economic system that simply cannot sustain the old ways; even basic economics has to change. Therefore, financial systems built on the past are falling apart.

The Economic Prosperity Act of 2019 will create a new benevolent economic system.


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