12 Step Plan To Establish Election Integrity


A proposed Constitutional Amendment to restore public trust in the Electoral Process.


1. All national elections will be publicly funded.   The Federal Election Commission with the approval of the President will determine the dollar amounts allocated for the Presidential, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senate, and Federal Court Judge seats. Congress cannot impose a dollar limitation of raised funds to be eligible for public financing; candidate raised funds cannot exceed per election $3000 Individual/$5000 Corporate/$15000 Political Organizations. *

2. The President will be elected for a six-year term not to exceed one term.

3. U.S. Federal Judges will be elected for a term of 6 years in the General Election. Political parties may run their candidates in Primary Elections. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims will determine and announce federal bench vacancies.

4.  U.S. Senators will be elected for a six-year term not to exceed two terms.

5.  U.S. Representatives will be elected for a four-year term not to exceed two terms.

6.  The U.S. Attorney General will be elected for a four-year term not to exceed two terms.

7. All voting machines must have a paper back-up, to assure validity and integrity of Elections, when utilizing electronic voting machines.

8. The right of the people to present National Referendums for General Election votes will not be infringed upon by Congress or any government body. National Referendums can repeal any law, Executive Order, or Supreme Court ruling (that impacts the people outside of the court case). National Referendums cannot create new laws.

9. The citizens may petition for a Recall Election to remove any federal elected officeholder.

10. The tabulation of all election results must be accomplished under U.S. Jurisdiction.

11. All US Citizens must present a valid state-issued photo identification when voting.

12. The US Senate can remove any confirmed presidential appointee.

* suggested gratuity

Political advertisement paid for and approved by the candidate.
IAW with FEC, the candidate is also the temporary Campaign Treasuer.
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